In this lesson you'll learn a game you can play with pawns.

You'll also learn about capturing and exchanging pawns.

Here are the RULES OF THE GAME.

There is a flag at each end of the board. There are three ways you can win the game.

1. You can win by getting a pawn to the end of the board where he can CAPTURE THE FLAG.

2. You can win by capturing all the enemy pawns.

3. You also win if it's your opponent's turn and he cannot make any moves.

Here's the position at the start of the game.

Remember: White starts and you take it in turns to move.

If you want a game, go away and find an opponent.

If you don't have anyone to play don't worry: we've got someone for you.

But first, here are some tips to help you win your games.

In chess, the player who has more or stronger pieces than his opponent usually wins.

So you should try to get more pieces than your opponent by capturing a pawn for free.

In this position it's White's move. He can CAPTURE the pawn on e5 for free. White will then have more pawns than Black so will stand more chance of winning the game.

So when you're playing a game you have to think BEFORE you make your move.

In this position, it would be a mistake to move from e2 to e4 because the black pawn on d5 would be able to capture you.

When you've thought of a move, always stop and make sure it's safe before playing it.

But this position is different.

Here, if you move from e2 to e4, the black pawn on d5 will still be able to capture you. But then your pawn on d3 will be able to capture him.

This is an EXCHANGE (a TRADE or a SWAP).

You'll learn later that EXCHANGES can be good or bad. But usually they're OK. Each player wins and loses one pawn. It's a fair result for both players.

That's the end of the lesson.

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