This is a test to find out how much you know about THE VALUES OF THE PIECES.

You have to get every question right to pass the test.

So you need to be very careful and think very hard.

Only your first answer counts.

If you get a question wrong first time you can try again but you won't score a point.

Q1. How many points is the PAWN worth?

1 Point 2 Points

Q2. How many points is the KNIGHT worth?

2 Points 3 Points

Q3. How many points is the BISHOP worth?

3 Points 5 Points

Q4. How many points is the ROOK worth?

4 Points 5 Points

Q5. How many points is the QUEEN worth?

9 Points 12 Points

Q6. We don't give the KING a value because it's worth the whole game.

True False

Q7. A BISHOP and PAWN together are worth more than a ROOK.

True False

Q8. A QUEEN and a PAWN are worth the same as TWO ROOKS.

True False

Q9. It's a fair exchange to swap a KNIGHT for a BISHOP

True False

Q10. A KNIGHT is worth more than TWO PAWNS.

True False

You have now completed the VALUES OF PIECES quiz.

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