You need a lot of practice to get used to using the KING.

It's very easy to play an ILLEGAL MOVE and end up getting very confused by what's happening.

So, to give you more experience with KINGS, you're going to solve a KING MAZE.

Can you help the KING cross the board safely and reach his target on the other side?

It's not going to be easy. You're going to have to look very closely at each square before you make your decision.

Here's the starting position.

The WHITE KING has to reach the flag on the b8 square in ten moves, without stepping on a mine and getting blown up.

In this lesson we'll start you off, and then leave you to complete the task in a REALLY HARD EXAM.

Let's work through the starting position together.

Where can the WHITE KING move to? It's a good idea to do this METHODICALLY: to start with one square and work our way round step by step until we find the answer.

Start at d1, then go round in order: d2, e2, f2 and then f1, stopping when you find a safe square.

Try to do it yourself before moving on to the next screen.

Can we move to d1? No, because of the KNIGHT on c3.

Can we move to d2? No, because of the BISHOP on c1.

Can we move to e2? No, because of the KNIGHT on c3 AND the BISHOP on b5.

Can we move to f2? Yes, f2 is safe.

Check out f1 as well. It's not safe because of the BISHOP on f1.

So you move to f2, which gives you this position.

In a KING MAZE your opponent doesn't move, so it's your turn again.

Repeat the same process, trying each move in turn.

If you have a choice, go for the move which will take you nearer your target.

That's the end of the lesson.

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