In this lesson we're going to look at the KNIGHT.

You'll see that KNIGHTS are very different from the pieces you've seen so far. You'll really need to pay attention and concentrate to understand their move.

This is what a KNIGHT does.

Its move is like the letter L.

It moves two squares like a rook, then one square round the corner.

In the middle of the board a KNIGHT can move to 8 squares, but in the corner it can only move to 2 squares.

You'll see that the KNIGHT is on a white square and all the squares it can move to are black squares.

Seeing how it always moves to a square of a different colour will help you learn the move.

The other thing that's different about KNIGHTS is that they can JUMP over other pieces.

In this position the KNIGHT on e4 can jump over everything in its way. It could CAPTURE the pawns on c3 and f6. It could also move to d2, d6, g3 or g5. But moving to g5 would not be safe because of the enemy pawn on f6.

It's not easy to remember how the KNIGHT moves.

So you're going have to do a LOT of practice to help you get used to it.

Get out a chessboard and a KNIGHT now and try moving it round the board.

That's the end of the lesson.

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