In this lesson you're going to learn how to PLAY SAFE.

When you play chess you have to be very careful not to make mistakes and lose your pieces. Especially not your queen.

But you also have to be CAREFUL.

Because your QUEEN is so powerful you can't afford to lose it for anything less than the enemy QUEEN.

Before you move your QUEEN (and before you make ANY move) you have to STOP.

Then you have to LOOK.

Then you have to THINK.

It's very easy not to look where you're going because you're thinking about something else.

It's very easy to get excited because you think you've seen a good move and to play it without looking to see if it's safe.

Use your EYES to look at the board.

Then use your BRAIN to work out whether your move is good.

Then use your HANDS to play the move.

In a chess game you take it in turns so you have plenty of time to think.

In some games it pays to be IMPULSIVE but in chess you have to CONTROL YOUR IMPULSES.

You're White in this position. Are you going to CAPTURE the black PAWN?

It looks tempting, doesn't it?

But stop and count to 10 before you do anything.

If you take the black PAWN the BISHOP will take your QUEEN.

It's very easy to miss backward diagonal moves!

If you want to win chess games you have to learn to PLAY SAFE and CONTROL YOUR IMPULSES!

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