In this lesson you'll learn another TACTIC which will help you win your opponent's pieces.


For a DISCOVERED ATTACK to work you need to have a LINE PIECE (Queen, Rook or Bishop) lined up against a target with one of your own pieces in the way.

Here, the White Rook is lined up against against the Black Queen with a White Knight in the way.

In this position the White Rook is NOT DEFENDED so the Knight is PINNED!

If it moves, say, to c4, the Black Queen could just take the White Rook.

The Knight COULD move to f3 or d3 where it would be DEFENDING the Rook, but there's something MUCH better than that!

The Knight can move to g4, CHECKING the Black King.

Now White has TWO threats: to the King and the Queen. Black MUST move out of CHECK, and next move the Rook will zap the Queen.

But note that if White moves the Knight to f7 to say CHECK, the Black Queen can just take the Knight.

Now we swap round the Black King and Queen.

Now, if you look at the position you'll see that if White moves his Knight ANYWHERE it's CHECK!

We call this a DISCOVERED CHECK.

The best move is again Ne5-g4, which both CHECKS the King and THREATENS the Queen. Next move White will take the Queen.

You know what happens to kids who bring their Queen out too soon, don't you?

It's BLACK to move. How can he punish White for playing such a foolish move?

Yes, Black plays d7-d5. The Pawn THREATENS the Bishop, while the Bishop on c8 now THREATENS the Queen.

A DISCOVERED ATTACK! White must lose a piece.

(In real life they usually take the pawn on d5 and lose their Queen. DISCOVERED ATTACKS are not always easy to see!)

Here's your next question.

Think of a really good move for White in this position.

Here's the position after White's played his Bishop from h3 to f1.


Black must get out of check and next move White will capture the Queen.

Next you might like to play through these moves:

1. e2-e4 e7-e5 2. Ng1-f3 Ng8-f6 3. Nf3xe5 Nf6xe4 (not best) 4. Qd1-e2 (setting up a potential DISCOVERED CHECK) 4... Ne4-f6 (definitely not best) reaching the position on your left.

It's well worth remembering those moves. This is the COPYCAT TRAP which happens when your opponent tries to copy your moves.

Anyway, it's now White's move. If he moves his Knight anywhere it's CHECK. Try to find a move which THREATENS an opposing piece.

The correct answer is to move the Knight to c6.

Look at the position after that move has been played.

The White Queen is CHECKING the Black King and the White Knight THREATENS the Black Queen.

Black MUST get out of CHECK so doesn't have time to take the Knight.

Next move White will be able to CAPTURE the Black Queen.

Learn these moves NOW - you'll be amazed how many Queens you win!!

In this position Black's just CAPTURED a Pawn on d4.

White has a very strong move here, using a DISCOVERED ATTACK. Can you find it?

Here's the position after the winning move.

White's Bishop CHECKS the Black King and DISCOVERS an attack on the Black Queen.

This is another idea that happens over and over again.

Get used to it!!

White's THREATENING the Black Queen - and also a KNIGHT FORK on c7.

But Black can turn the tables with a DISCOVERED ATTACK. Can you find it?

Here's the position again - The Knight CHECKS the White King (and also FORKS the King and Queen).

Meanwhile, the Black Queen also THREATENS the UNDEFENDED White Queen.

White must get out of CHECK and next move Black will capture the Queen.

You might have seen this position before.

How can White use a DISCOVERED ATTACK to win a piece?

Once again, the position after the DISCOVERED ATTACK.

White's CAPTURED a KNIGHT (also THREATENING the Black Queen) and after Black recaptures he'll be able to take a Bishop for free.

It's often a good idea to line up your Bishops, Rooks and Queens against enemy targets.

Put your Bishops on the same DIAGONAL as the enemy Rooks, Queen or King.

Put your Rooks on the same FILE as the enemy Queen or King.

Put your Queen on the same FILE as the enemy King.

If one of HIS pieces is in the way you've got a PIN. If one of YOUR pieces is in the way you can play a DISCOVERED ATTACK.

If your opponent places one of his LINE PIECES in line with your King or Queen BE VERY CAREFUL.

It's sometimes safest to move it out of the way.

Try to make sure all your pieces are defended - if you've got any UNDEFENDED pieces BE VERY CAREFUL.

Make sure your King is safe from DISCOVERED CHECKS.

Castle quickly, especially if there is, or could be, a PAWN EXCHANGE in the center.

And don't move the pawns in front of your King when you've castled.

There's one thing that's even stronger than a DISCOVERED CHECK.


It's White's move.

His Queen is THREATENED but he's not worried about that.

He can play a DOUBLE CHECK.

Can you find the best move?

Here's the position after the correct move.


Black can't CAPTURE the QUEEN because he's in CHECK from the KNIGHT.

He can't CAPTURE the KNIGHT because he's in CHECK from the QUEEN.

You can only get out of DOUBLE CHECK by moving your King - but he has no King moves.


Now let's see if you can remember the COPYCAT TRAP.

What move did we play for White here?

Nb1-c3 d2-d3

Qd1-e2 Nf3xe5

And what was the very strong move for White in this position?

Qd1-e2 Qd1-f3

Qd1-g4 Qd1-h5

And what is White's winning move in this position?

Ne5-c6 Ne5xd7

Ne5xf7 Ne5-g6

Just one last question.

You're Black. White's just moved his Pawn from d2 to d4. What would you play?

Bc5xd4 Nc6xd4

e5xd4 Something else

If you didn't get it right first time, have another look.

White's last move opened up an attack on the Black Queen from the Bishop on c1.

If Black sees it and plays Qg5xg2 he'll win. If he doesn't see it he'll lose.

ALWAYS look out for DISCOVERED ATTACKS in your games.


You have now completed the DISCOVERED ATTACKS assignment.