Right click on the chessboard to activate the menu (in German)

To play with White just play your move on the board.
To play with Black click on 'Modus' and then 'Zug berechnen'. You can flip the board by clicking on 'Ansicht' and then 'Brett umdrehen'.
To set up a position click on 'Modus' and then 'Stellung aufbauen'. Then right click again. 'Brett raumen' will clear the board, 'Neu aufbauen' lets you add white pieces, 'Farbe wechseln' changes the colour of the pieces you're adding. When you've finished select 'Aufbau beenden'.
To change the program's playing strength choose 'Spielstufen' to select the depth of search or the time taken per move.
ALT="Applets are ignored" Applets are unknown
JavaChess v4.2
Copyright André Heuner (2002)
to play again. to play a different opponent.