This is the place to go if you want to play a game.

You'll need to try playing White, when you start, and playing Black, when the other guy starts.

Firstly, you can take on the famous Russian Grandmaster KASPY GARIKOV. To play Kaspy with White click here To play Kaspy with Black click here and switch the CPU as instructed to start the game.

When you're confident you can beat Kaspy you need a slighly harder challenge. Your next opponent will be the great FISHY BOBBER. To play Fishy with White click here To play Fishy with Black click here and click the start button to start the game. For the moment you'll need to play his first move and your reply. After that the game will proceed normally.

Our other challengers are very much stronger than Kaspy and Fishy. First, you can take on DEEP RED.
Click here to play a game against Deep Red.

Just as hard to beat is the German computer FRANZ.
Click here if you're brave enough to face Franz.

Finally, the amazing CHESTER THE JESTER, the chess playing robot, who will offer you the strongest challenge of all!
Click here if you're not too scared to play Chester the Jester.